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Drywall Repairs of All Shapes and Sizes

It’s almost inevitable for damage to occur to your home’s drywall surfaces but with just a bit of knowledge and skill drywall repairs can be a DIYers dream. Learn how with this simple guide.

By Eduardo Leitao

Home Security

The Role of a Locksmith in 2015

With home security systems creeping closer and closer to science fiction levels of technology every year it’s easy to think that there’s no place for locksmiths in modern security systems but here are a few reasons to think again.

By Bill Madeira

Remodeling Ideas and Tips

Bathroom Remodeling

Creating a beautiful bathroom can go a long way to raising the value of your house, as well as brightening up the beginning of your day, when you take a morning shower. Read our tips to find inspiration for new bathroom remodeling projects.


A great place for family picnics, BBQ’s and pickup football games. With the proper care the lawns can look beautiful despite hours of scorching summer sun and all the foot traffic. Read our tips on maintaining a beautiful front or back yard.


The right paint job can brighten up the house and make it look and feel brand new. Read our do-it-yourself guides and tips on painting projects to find ideas how to improve the look and feel of your house - both interior and exterior.